Point Cricket

Point Cricket!!?

So Amanda, what’s up with the weird name: Point Cricket? What the heck does it mean anyway?

Well, you know how in the media, when something big comes about, everyone has their two cents to add. Well… that kinda reminds me of crickets chirping. Do crickets chirp? I have no idea if that’s the correct term. If it is, let me know. If it isn’t, email me at admin@pointcricket.com and let me know what the correct term is. I’m really curious now.

So, as I was saying… I figured if everyone is ”chirping”, I might as well too. I mean, why not? My opinion is jus as valid as the next person. If I’ve got something to say, I should say it. Right? And what better way to do so than to create my own platform and to shout it from the rooftop, or in this case, the world wide web.

So there you have it. Point Cricket is all about me making a little noise of my own. Hopefully, someone hears me and comes to investigate as we do when we, in fact, hear this tiny creature hidden somewhere just doing what it does best and demanding everyone’s attention in the process.