Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal! Ahh! There is definitely something about him. I was drawn to him from day one. Before he was a Huge Mega-Star, I just knew that he was going to make it Big! There’s just something about him. I personally think that it has something to do with his eyes. There is a certain sincerity in them. This comes through on screen and just captivates the audience no matter the role he is playing. Not to mention that he is a heart-throb. Continue reading Jake Gyllenhaal

Jim Carrey – not just a comedian

I REALLY  like Jim Carrey. Some may think that he’s a bit over the top with his slapstick but he just cracks me up. I’m usually not a fan of this genre of performance but for some reason, I just love to see him execute. It’s the facial expressions and the timing of his humor. James “Jim” Carrey has been at it for Years.

Here are some of my favorite movies from Mr. Carrey (in no particular order) : Continue reading Jim Carrey – not just a comedian