Divorce! WTF!! What happened???

This was perhaps Hollywoods most talked about, influential power couples. They seemed so put together. Everyone, well expect the media who kept incessantly reporting on their pending break-up until it eventually happened, everyone other than that was so invested in their relationship and the long term success of it.

And what will happen to the children? They have six total. That is six youngsters who will be deeply affected by the breakup. After they chastised them for so long for them to even tie the knot, and now they are heading down to the divorce court.

Is it the kiss of death of marriage? Why is it that when a couple gets married, they, not too long after tend to get divorced. I know of a young couple for example where they were high school sweethearts. Were together for nearly a decade. Got married and less than a year later – DIVORCE!!!

I’ll say it again – WTF! Why does this happen time and time again? Do people just have these closeted expectations about what a marriage is? The role of the woman? The role of the man? That once not met sends them over the edge? Is the thought of living with their partner for the rest of their lives such an unbearable thought that the alternative – becoming a single mother or father of six, yes I said 6 Kids is a much more bearable thought?

Things must be really bad in the home if one is willing to venture off on their own given such circumstances. Now, please – don’t get me wrong. I am in NO WAY judging them. I’m just trying to understand what would drive a couple who seemed to have it all, who seemed to be so compatible, to be willing to give all of that up. To throw it all in and start anew.

So which one of the duo had had enough? Angelina! She Jolie filed for divorce giving the reasons of excessive conflict due to anger and substance abuse. Unfortunate. Now the kids are going to feel the emotional blow of this separation.

Angelina is A-OK with Brad having joint custody, just not joint physical custody. That is going to be tricky. I hope for the children’s sake that they are able to handle this like two mature adults and to remember that they once loved each other so that they proceed with this unfortunate chain of events with a certain level of respect that each deserves as the former spouse, mother/father of the other half children.

I wish them the very best of luck and I hope that the little ones won’t be too affected by this new divide transition they are about to embark on.

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