Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

I’ve never been a fan, nor have I been a hater of Selena Gomez. I’ve just been kind of ”meh”. Take it or leave it when it came to her and I never really got all caught up in her whole Justin Bieber romance, puppy love drama. But I recently saw an interview with her on the Carpool Karaoke ”Late Late Show” with James Corden and found a new found appreciation for you. Now, I still don’t know much about her but from the little I saw from the interview, she seems alright to me. Not that she needs my approval or anything. Just an observation that I wanted to share with you all and I ‘ll get to why I’ve had this change of heart in a bit.

But first, for those of you who may not have seen the interview, I’ll give a little recap. So they started off with “Same Old Love”. She then ”convinced him to take a little detour before heading off to work. The ended up taking a rollercoaster ride where she sang “Come & Get It”. Corden tried desperately to hold his part but was clearly shaken by the ride. Selena, on the other hand, was a true trooper. Singing and doing her hand gestures as she performed with every dip and rise. Then my favorite “Hands to Myself”. Yeah, yeah, I know I said I wasn’t a fan but I like that song. Sounds sexay! She then followed by “Kill Em with Kindness”, “Love You like a Love Song” and ended by paying a little tribute to her friend MadameTaylor Swift with “Shake It Off”.

OK, so what I enjoyed most about this interview was near the end when she jokingly said to Corden ”find me a boyfriend”, to which he asked, ”oh, so you’re looking for a boyfriend” to which Selena replied ”well I dunno, I like to have fun”. Corden went on to say ”oh, so you wanna guy in every Port”. Well I get what Salena was saying and I say, more power to her. There is such a double standard in this world. Boys are asked from a very young age, ”so, how many girlfriends do you have? Like that’s an appropriate ”joke” to ask a 4-year-old! They are encouraged as young men to sow their seed. Bed as many women as they can before the lock down called marriage. Girls on the other hand, are told to play hard to get and to keep themselves ”pure” at any cost. Just who do they think these guys are supposed to sleep with if girls are supposed to be chaste? Such B.S.

Selena very openly just admitted what she wants. If a man can be a total whore, why can’t a woman have the same fun and not be labeled a slut? Yes, I love how she responded in this part of the interview and owned it. I was actually very surprised by her confidence. She has such a baby face, one would think that she is soft spoken, meek and mild but she seems far from it. She appears to know who she is and isn’t afraid to express it. Love it!!

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