Rupaul in drag

Rupaul – You Better Work!

You Better Work! Yes, that is the closing line from the highly successful release of Rupaul’s from the 1990’s. You may not hear much about the entertainer but s/he’s still going strong. Regardless of if you are a part of the LGBT community, I’m not, but I still admire Rupaul and his/her work.

Born Andre Charles, Rupaul blew up in the early 90’s with the release of ”Supermodel” with the catchy hook ”work” back in 1992. I absolutely loved that song. Hearing that beat always put me in a good upbeat mood.

When one of my school friends told me that Rupaul was a man, I was in total disbelief. I thought – IMPOSSIBLE!!! How could it be? S/He carries him/herself with so much grace. No one wears a pair of stilettos better that s/he does. I was convinced that my friend was messing with me and was only saying that to see if I would fall for it. Then, I heard more people telling me the same thing. At that point, I was convinced. Rupaul is a man!!Rupaul - not in drag

But that didn’t stop me from admiring his work. I would look at him closely. Try to figure out how he pulled it off. The hair, the makeup, the hidden package. Just HOW did he do it?

Rupaul came out with a few hits after that then faded from the public eye resurfaced with his show RuPaul’s Drag Race where he looks for the next big drag superstar. This is a talent show like no other. There is no holding back on the glitz and glamour and showmanship. It’s go all out or stay home.

What I’ve liked about Rupaul and continue to admire about him is his ability to live freely, authentically him in full glory no holding back. We could learn a thing or two about that attitude. He is unapologetically him and what better way to be. We could all learn from that mindset.

I remember hearing somewhere that he lives by the following saying (and I’m paraphrasing) ”What others think of me is none of my business.” Hallelujah! Tell it! We would all be so much happier in life if we held that near and dear in our heart and put it to practice every day. Really, who are people and why do we give away our power every day. We spend so much time and energy worrying about what people think and trying to fit ourselves into a mold instead of just being the absolute best that we can be.

I love that he has found his passion in life and through his talents to sing, act and model, he empowers others to do the same no matter their dream.

If you want to know more about what Rupaul is up to, check out his self-titled website where he leaves all of his credentials. This man keeps himself busy! He is on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Spotify and Soundcloud.

If you got nothing else from this post, please just learn to love and accept yourself and give yourself permission to be the best version of you possible in this life but also, I urge you to allow other the freedom to do the same. You do not have to be part of the LGBT community to simply respect others as human being. It’s not too long ago that we didn’t even consider women to be people. We were merely men’s property. And people of color were being lynched, tortured, raped and enslaved simply because of the color of their skin. Today, most would think that old school way of thinking to be quite offensive yet we treat men and women with a sexual orientation that is different to ours with such destain. It’s simply NOT RIGHT. Live and let live. This world would be a MUCH BETTER place.

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